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Apron fabrics & care

Everything you need to know to choose the right apron fabric for you and keep it looking great.

Get the best from your uniform

We’ve outlined the easy ways to care for your apron and detailed our fabrics to help you get the best from your new uniform. We also find putting on a cross-back apron for the first time can be tricky.

We’ve also created some video content to help you get it right and avoid it tangling or slipping off your shoulders.

Easy apron care tips
How to tie a cross-back apron

Cross-back aprons are ideal for distributing weight evenly across the back, for all-day wear and comfort. Make sure the straps are crossed over your back and not twisted. You can tie at the back with a neat bow, or tie in the front with the added benefit of looping a tea towel over the strap around your waist. It's really up to your preference and style.

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Apron tying dos & don'ts

The key to nailing your cross-back apron positioning every time is to evenly distribute the weight across your back. Make sure it's not too loose or the straps will slip off your shoulders.

Do you tie to the front or back?

It’s a personal choice if you tie your apron at the front or back. Tying your apron at the front gives you the added benefit of tucking a cloth into the strap at your waist. Alternatively, tying your apron at the back gives you a cleaner finish and keeps the straps clear of any machinery. 

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Apron fabrics & care

At Cargo Crew, all apron development starts with the fabric selection! We always make considered choices that tick our boxes for look, function and overall aesthetic. There are varying benefits that come with any fabric and on the flip side all fabrics also have limitations that may be viewed as negatives by some. To help our clients select the apron best suited to their needs we offer aprons in a range of options in both fabric weight and fabric composition.

To help with the selection & care of your apron read the benefits vs limitations of our fabric categories below.

Deluxe Canvas apron care

80% Polyester/20% Cotton - Midweight 270gsm

Deluxe canvas offers increased fabric strength with the combined polyester and cotton yarns. Giving these aprons structure and shape, making them more robust for heavier roles and commercial use. They are easy care wash and ware with a greater resistance to fading from regular washing. 

Remember to remove any straps prior to washing, particularly our Banjo Chefwear Aprons with extra long straps. If straps are part of the apron and cannot be removed, use of delicates bags can assist with the straps tangling. 

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Fight the Fade™ apron care

63% Polyester/37% Cotton - Lightweight 220gsm

Our incredible Fight the Fade™ fabric holds strong against common washing products including Oxygen Bleach agent stain removers such as Napisan, Vanish and Sard Oxy. Our trials show washing over 100+ times shows no obvious change in colour. Remove straps prior to washing and line dry in the shade. 

Limitations of lightweight fabrics: Can develop holes from constant rubbing and abrasion sooner than a mid or heavy-weight fabric. Its hard to give life expectancy on this as its dependent on the individual roles of the wearer and the environment they work in. 

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Denim apron care

100% Cotton - Heavyweight 400gsm

It's the nature of dark coloured denim fabric to have more surface dye. Therefore, wash dark denim colours separately or with other dark items as colour may bleed. Colour may transfer by rubbing. This will be more extreme when wet. Please take care when wearing and where possible avoid other lighter coloured garments. All denim is designed to fade with regular wash and wear.

Dry in the shade. The sun’s UV is harsh and will also cause more rapid fading.

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Denim apron care

100% Cotton - Heavyweight 280gsm

As most people know denim is designed to fade. Just like your favourite pair of jeans our aprons will lose their colour with wash and wear – but will grow in character. Therefore, wash dark denim colours separately or with other dark items as colour may bleed. Bleaching agents including Napisan and pre-wash stain removers may strip colour rapidly – these should be avoided unless you want to achieve the faded / well-worn look sooner.

Dry in the shade. The sun’s UV is harsh and will also cause more rapid fading.

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Cotton drill apron care

100% Cotton - Heavyweight 320gsm

Our 100% cotton drill aprons are garment dyed to deliver a fashion edge. Each batch is unique and designed to wash and wear to develop character while remaining oh so comfortable. The fabric neck strap is soft on the neck and will remain attached while washing. If washing in bulk, utilise a soft bag to avoid waist straps tangling. 

The heavyweight 320 GSM makes it ideal for busy retail, hospitality and hairdresser business settings. The neck strap makes it ideal for home cooks, bakers and makers as it’s easy to take on and off. Hang your aprons on a hook while not wearing to avoid creasing. 

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Twill Apron Care

60% Cotton/40% Polyester - Heavyweight 311gsm

Our Twill Aprons are also a heavy weight fabric ideal for repeat use, wear and tear of busy work environments. A solid dyed fabric that’s like your favourite pair of chinos, growing in comfort and character. Remove any straps prior to washing, avoid harsh chemicals or bleach and line dry in the shade. 

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