Case Study: Nando's Restaurants

A uniform bursting with personality

We worked with Nandos to create a bespoke uniform that Nandoca's working in their restaurants are not only proud to wear, but that also reflects the brand's South African heritage.



Nando’s understand that a uniform is just as important to your external branding as it is to your internal branding. Not only can a uniform serve as one of your most distinctive brand assets, it plays just as important a role for your employees, giving staff a sense of pride, inclusiveness and belonging.

Based on quarterly staff surveys, Nando’s Australia learned that staff weren’t fans of their existing uniforms – in fact, it was the most complained-about item on the survey overall! Knowing that their customers’ experience was only as good as their staff’s experience, they sought to completely overhaul their restaurant uniform.


We were briefed with creating a fully bespoke uniform that team Nando’s (aka Nandoca's) are not only proud to wear, but that also reflects the brand's South African heritage.

We created a high quality, comfortable uniform range tailored to the specific needs of the front-of-house and back-of-house teams.

On-brand character is central to this uniform range, resulting in bespoke herringbone patterned apron straps, and the Nando’s mascot Barcelos is proudly displayed across the range in premium embroidery.


The Nandos Threads uniform program has outfit over 3,500 staff member in their restaurants across both Australia and New Zealand. We've developed a bespoke custom range for the Nandos team, and have provided tailored service solutions to ensure that managing their uniform ongoing is an easy process.

  • Fully Bespoke Uniform Design
  • Custom Online Ordering Platform
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Stock Planner & Warehousing Solutions
3,500 STAFF
Cargo Crew is not your stock standard off-the-shelf uniform supplier... Since launching Threads, we’ve had overwhelming positive feedback from our staff and in turn, they have felt more engaged with the brand.
Nicole Spencer, Nando’s Australia

We knew that Nando’s South African heritage is a source of pride and meaning for their brand. From their cockerel, Barci, and the PERi-apostrophe, to the PERi-custom red and their 87-degree heading tilt, every design component at Nando’s is a reflection of their origin brand story. The redesigned uniform would be no different.

Over an 18-month process from first meeting to uniform roll-out, we worked hand-in-hand with Nando’s to create a uniform that their teams would love to wear, while paying homage to their heritage.

The PERi brand story

We made the PERi-red the primary colour of the wardrobe palette, while complementing it with the on-trend and versatile denim-blue. We designed a bespoke herringbone-patterned apron strap, nodding back to South African design. And we embroidered the PERi-heart, the symbol of the Nando’s family worldwide, to each garment using the official PERi-Thread hand-dyed using Africa Birds Eye chillies from Nando’s farms in Mozambique.

Every design decision was a conscious interpretation of the Nando’s brand and their story, ensuring their uniform would be as much a part of their DNA as their people.

Nando's Threads Online

We created a custom online ordering platform for the new Nando’s uniform, called Nando’s Threads.

Not only was it a complete one-stop online ordering platform, accessible to all their 376 restaurants in Australia and New Zealand, it also served as a uniform styling guide, complete with a downloadable lookbook. The lookbook details how the uniform can be styled to suit individual personalities, while explaining the linkages back to the Nando’s brand heritage.

We also made sure to feature real Nando’s staff in the lookbook, embracing their authentic family values.  

93% of customers believe it reflects strongly on a brand if the staff wear smart uniforms.

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