How to Style Accessories

Not sure how to roll out accessories across your team?

With our range of statement scarves, belts, apron straps, professional ties, and bow-ties for a special touch, there’s a look to elevate your team uniform and provide a cohesive look across all ages and genders.

Statement accessories are the memorable finishing touch to your team's uniform.

Style up your crew with our stand-out accessories range that can bring a pop of colour or mirror your brand, culture or venue design.

Knowing how to tie your tie or add a pocket scarf can be the make or break for a professional, sharp look. Use these step-by-step guides to nail the look everytime. 

How to Style: Ties

A classic for both men and women, the Tie is a considered choice that elevates your uniform.

The tie has been a powerful symbol throughout history and is now considered chic for both men and women. Ties can be worn with a sharp shirt and blazer for a modern corporate or hotel look; right through to on-trend catering & fine dining venues, when worn with an apron.

How to: Tie a Classic Tie

How to Style: Scarves + Bandanas

Bring your whole brand look together by finding the perfect style for your team scarves.

Scarves can be highly formal, or a pure pop of fun, and how you translate that comes down to how they are tied, and where your team wear them.

Some ideas to try and things to consider when finding your look are:

  • Do you want to keep it consistent across the team, or let everyone mix it up and show their personality.
  • Where the scarf will be worn - around the neck? Around the head or as a hair tie? A formal pocket square?
  • Tie a simple knot to the front of the neck, or embrace the full scarf colour pop and tie the knot to the back.
  • Twist the scarf before knotting for a patterned effect.


Explore a few classic methods below for tieing and wearing your team scarves:

How to: Tie a Classic Front Knot

The Matilda, Pia and Felix Silk Scarf Range

Created from a premium silk / cotton blend, our Matilda, Pia and Felix printed neck scarves have been designed to deliver the finishing touch for a chic, modern uniform while adding a pop of personality.

Get creative with your team scarf styling! There are so many ways to create an impact with how your team style their scarves. Watch our video for inspiration or follow some simple steps below.

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How to: Tie a French Fold

Mastering the Pocket Square Fold

What is the purpose of a pocket square? For minimal effort you can incorporate in a colour or theme of your team and brand. It gives your uniform instant elevation for both men & women and can be worn with an open shirt or buttoned up with a tie.

While it is not recommended to match your pocket square precisely to your tie, taking an accent colour from your brand can have a strong effect. The pocket square is where even the most conservative outfit can have the most elaborate and striking design included.


How to: Fold a Pocket Square

Something different: Lavallieres and Bow Ties

Accessories don't end with Ties and Scarves! Experiment with something a little different, from our Lavalliere Ties (think long bowties with a sophisticated feminine flair), to a modern Bowtie. 

The bowtie has had many transitions in history. From street style, to the runway, to celebrity fashion, the bow tie has been reappropriated into a variety of different looks, setting it free from the once male dominant, formal accessory.

These are great uniform pieces to show off your team's personality, and are adaptable from front of house and baristas through to barbers and catering crews

Branding with your Accessories

Your brand is your biggest asset and when combined with a modern uniform, your customer experience is heightened & memorable.

Our Tote Bags be customised and branded with your unique identity. Perfect as a merchandising option, as add ons for PR and events, or to allow your staff to extend the reach of your brand beyond your physical premises.