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Maggie Beer Foundation

Knowing that a meal cooked with care is one of the very best ways of nurturing wellbeing, the Maggie Beer Foundation (MBF), founded in 2014, works to improve the standard of food in aged-care facilities by providing cooks with training, guidance and support.


Feeding the community

Maggie is guided by the belief that with the help of the community, the MBF can bring about life-altering change to the wellbeing of the elderly, helping them access wholesome food full of flavour and nutrients.

It should be everyone’s right to eat good food and she believes that no one group of people need it more. Her hope is that every meal can give comfort and pleasure and always be something to look forward to.

In 2016 Cargo Crew were able to provide the Maggie Beer Foundation with specially branded aprons for use at all of Maggie’s events and workshops.

You can learn more about the MBF and how you can help at the Maggie Beer Foundation.