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Yiayia Next Door

An act of neighbourly kindness supported brothers Daniel and Luke through the devastation of family violence, and eventually inspired them to create Yiayia Next Door - a social enterprise that raises money for charities working to help vulnerable families within the community.

"Love thy neighbour" is the most powerful antidote to violence

Inspiring kindness and encouraging people to ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ as the most powerful antidote to violence is the goal for the team at Yiayia Next Door.

YiaYia Next Door is based in Melbourne, Australia, and was inspired by Daniel and Luke’s Greek neighbour, Yiayia, who shared meals with them over the fence after they suffered a tragic act of family violence. The brothers set up Instagram account @yiayianextdoor to share Yiayia’s efforts and kindness with friends and it fast grew to a following of thousands.

Leveraging their reach, Yiayia Next Door was established as a social enterprise, and now  raises money to support and inspire communities where people feel safe, and neighbours connect & care. They support charities who aim to assist those suffering from family violence, with part of profits generated going to groups including Carlton Respects, Our Watch, Safe Steps, Australian Childhood Foundation and ygap.

2023 'Gifts of Kindness' Apron Collaboration

Cargo Crew are proud to have collaborated with Daniel, Luke and the team at Yiayia Next Door in 2022 and 2023 to produce Adults and Kids Aprons for their 'Gifts of Kindness' range.

The aprons have been specially designed for Yiayia Next Door in collaboration with their team, and feature their logo, along with their motto "Love Thy Neighbour" embroidered on the Khaki Cotton Aprons.

Up to 50% of the profits from the range available at their website will go to support the Australian Childhood Foundation.


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Cargo Crew worked with Daniel and Luke at Yiayia Next Door to produce their "Gifts of Kindness" range