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Proven Quality

We believe good design puts quality & functionality at its heart.

Say goodbye to ill-fitting and unflattering uniforms.

Like you, we have a strong aversion to ill-fitting aprons, unflattering blazers, and shirts that have bad collars and are too short.

And don’t even get us started on fabrics that fade after the first wash or rub in all the wrong places (*shudder*).

Instead, we think you deserve – and need – better! We believe good design puts high quality and functionality at its heart, which is why we obsess over every detail to ensure our uniforms not only look the part, but are fit for purpose.


All of our fabrics undergo rigorous quality testing by our in-house Cargo Crew team to ensure maximum comfort, functionality and durability. We go to obsessive lengths to test for superior wash and wear, tear force and high-friction usage.

In fact, we have pulled the traditionally accepted industry standards apart – so much so, that we have created our own Cargo Crew quality standard, called the Performance with Passion Promise. If a fabric or uniform doesn’t meet our Performance with Passion Promise, we simply won’t use it!


When you choose Cargo Crew, you can be confident your staff are wearing an ethical Australian brand.

As a company who cares about every detail, we personally oversee the manufacturing process of our uniforms to ensure superior quality of our supply chain as well.

We’re proud to work with key manufacturer partners who are regularly audited and adhere to international business practices and ethical standards that include Sedex® and BSCI® certification.

These are bodies are dedicated to empowering responsible business practices within global clothing supply chains, including labour standards, health and safety, the environment, and business ethics. 


Performance with passion promise
Led by a ‘Performance with Passion’ approach, we think deeply about the functional details of our garments, including:
  • Adding extra body length in shirts for free movement and reach
  • Specifying extra stitching for reinforcement in all the right places
  • Developing custom-engineered fabrics that have added stretch or unique compositions for both comfort and performance
  • Producing ranges that ensure we supply only the highest quality uniforms direct to market

Interested in working with us?

At Cargo Crew, we believe in providing you with a Modern Uniform that reflects the pace of your business. Contact us to find out how we can service your uniform needs.

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